Mr. Zan: DFW from Vienna, Austria do the most compelling and peculiarly disjointed music I've ever heard. Their primeraly carved out instrumentals with disjointed disfunctioning guitars, whistles, drums form a mesmerizing repetitive din cum trance. Their sing song vocals are so raw and seemingly tuneless that it is utterly compelling. They either sing in english or german with neither being completely decipherable consistently. Sometimes you feel sure it is english, yet it remains alien because of the delivery. Many songs feature the stunning combination of more than two vocals - they succeed by offsetting each other in an unpredictable yet correct manner.



Sendestörung (1983 / Hiess, Kölbersberger, Petioky & Widhalm)
Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer
Still Hungry (1985 / Kölbersberger)
Foolish Drunken (1986 / Kilic, Kölbersberger & Widhalm)
The Disease (1987 / Kilic, Kölbersberger & Widhalm)
I've Got A Longing For Lechery (1987 / Kilic, Kölbersberger & Widhalm)
Run The Gauntlet (1991 / Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
Abenteuer Burgenland (1992 / Kilic, Krist, Wally & Widhalm)
Lalalalala (1992 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
Monday Morning (1992 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
This Little World (Get Smart Version) (1992 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
Expose Yourself (1994 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
(Second Hand) Monster (1995 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
To Do What You Want (1995 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
Wild Boar Baby (1996 / Binder, Kilic, Krist & Widhalm)
Froschkönig (2007 / Kilic & Widhalm)
Quite Strange (Mr. Elk Remix) (2007 / Kilic & Widhalm)
Snowfall, Baby (2012 / Kilic & Widhalm)
Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer feat. Minoy (USA):
Darkness (Excerpt) (1988 / Kilic, Kölbersberger, Minoy & Widhalm)
Ilse Kilic:
Hoppa Hoppa Reiter (2006)
Mr. Seal:
Allright-Allwrong (2007 / Widhalm)
Fritz Widhalm:
Sounds aus dem Erlauftal (2011)