Bobb Trimble: "Deep Inside My Heart" (1986)

Psychedelic Folk, yeah. Bobb Trimble wurde 1958 in Marlborough, Massachusetts geboren. Sein erstes Album "Iron Curtain Innocence" erschien 1980 bei Vengeance Records. Stewart Mason schreibt bei AllMusic über dieses Album: In particular, the outstanding first three tracks, "Glass Menagerie Fantasies", "Night At The Asylum" and "When The Raven Calls", are an increasingly disturbing trilogy blending the druggy atmosphere of Pink Floyds first few post-Syd Barrett albums, the gentle acoustic side of late-era Beatles, and some lo-fi synthesizers and tape loops, culminating in the disquieting climax of the epic "When The Raven Calls". Though the rest of the brief album doesn't quite live up to its outstanding first half, "Killed At The Hands Of An Unknown Rock Starr" features some fine space rock guitar noodling and one of the helium-pitched Trimbles most assertive lead vocals and "Through My Eyes (Hopeless As Hell: D.O.A.)" makes good use of backwards tapes and hand percussion. Begleitet wird Bobb Trimble (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion) auf diesem Album von der Band The Violent Reactions, die aus Don Christie (Bass, Backing Vocals) und Paul Martin (Drums) bestand. Auf dem Backcover des Albums ist ein kurzer Brief an die Beatles abgedruckt: Dear John, Paul, George and Ringo. If I'm a good boy and work real hard, may I please be the 5th Beatle someday. Your friend Bobb. Im Jahr 1981 erschien die Single "Take Me Home Vienna / Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long" von Bobb & The Kidds. Die Band The Kidds waren Rich McLaughlin, Tim Pierce, Carl Manard, Scott Longacre und Chip Streeter. Die Musiker Mihran Aroian und Paul Martin waren beim Song "Take Me Home Vienna" auch noch mit dabei. Wer welches Instrument spielte, konnte ich nicht rausfinden, Mihran Aroian spielte jedenfalls Violine und bei Paul Martin wird es sich um den Drummer von The Violent Reactions handeln. Am Label der Single steht unter dem Song "Take Me Home Vienna" noch vermerkt: To Vienna with Love from BOBB. Das zweite Album "Harvest Of Dreams" erschien 1982 beim Label Boysongs Unlimited, da wird die Band The Kidds bei einigen Songs ebenfalls genannt. Florent Mazzoleni schreibt in der CD-Neuauflage des Albums über The Kidds: Across the streets of Worcester County, in various garages and leafy backyards, Trimble was at war with the obvious. His music melted down the 'iron curtain innocence' espressed on his first LP as he went in search of some elusive answers - ones not readily offered up by the provincial punk, metal and new wave attitudes of central Massachusetts in the early 1980s. He found some kind of understanding, at least, from a local gang of 12-year-olds whom he dubbed The Kidds, and started teaching them to play. With them he recorded "Oh Baby", a lonely song calling out for some long-gone innocence (they also helped out on the iconic "Premonitions Boy - The Reality"). It wasn't long before some overzealous kids parents grew overtly suspicious of a 23-year-old girlfriendless songwriter teaching grade-schoolers about the deep recesses of his dreamy mind. Bobb Trimble nahm 1984 noch das Album "The Crippled Dog Band" auf, fand aber kein Label dafür und es dauerte bis 2011, bis es bei Yoga Records das Licht der Popwelt erblickte. Im Jahr 1995 erschien beim Label Parallel World die Compilation "Jupiter Transmission", eine compilation of tracks from his first two albums, und 2002 erschien bei Orpheus Records das Album "Life Beyond The Doghouse", das 5 Songs aus dem Jahr 1983 und 4 Songs aus 1986 enthält, darauf ist auch der Song "Deep Inside My Heart" zu finden. Bei Burger Records erschien 2013 das Livealbum "The Flying Spiders In Brooklyn", es enthält ein Konzert aus dem Jahr 2009 in New York, das von Viva-Radio mitgeschnitten wurde. The Flying Spiders ist anscheinend die neue Band von Bobb Trimble und besteht aus Bobb Trimble (Vocals), Gary War alias Greg Dalton (Guitar), Kris Thompson (Bass, Backing Vocals), Nick Branigan (Drums), Karina Dacosta (Percussion, Backing Vocals) und Jonathan Martinez (Percussion, Thunder Tube). Auf dem Cover hat Bobb Trimble vermerkt: RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon, who all flew to the Great California In The Sky on this day. Bobb Trimble: I hate that word cult, it takes you into a whole different genre of music. It's not really cult music at all. It makes it sound more obscure than it actually is.