Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer:
All Noises Can't Be Refused By Ears & Heads (1985)
Foolish Drunken Vol.1 & Vol.2 (1986)
This Little World (1987)
Oh Shit, Sometimes I'm Happy (1988/89)
Human Race Single, Dedicated To Kevin Coyne (1990)
King Kong E.P. (1990)
Welcome To The System, MaxiSingle (1990)
Who Is Afraid Of Music? (1990)
Child Single (1990)
Four Mice On A Cold Cellar Floor, Instrumental (1991)
Rocky Romeo E.P. (1991)
Experimental Child, Live E.P. (1992)
Get Smart (1992)
Up A Daisy... Be A Flop (1992)
My Everyday Secret (1993)
Red Yellow And Blue E.P. (1993)
Happy End (1994)
Not For People Of Nervous Disposition (1994)
Stormy Art Gum E.P. (1995)
We Don't Want To Work No More (1995)
Ahoi! (1996)
Wild Boar Baby, Single (1996)
It's Carnival Time, Live (1997)
It's Carnical Time, Single (1997)
The Cold Black Moon (1998)
3 Trommelstücke, LiveEP (1998)
Ich bin ganz normal (1998)